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About us

Christina shiefer is a young brand established in 2018 .
We are known for presenting a wide variety of handbag styles in sumptuous colors.
Each and every one of our bags is carefully handcrafted in an  atelier in turkey and shanghai using a century-old technique where each piece of leather is expertly cut and fitted by one of the best  artisans. We are passionate for the preservation of craft and we share appreciation for the finest materials as every detail in the making from the painting of the leather to the last stitches is made by hand. We celebrate the old savoir-faire, we preserve and explore it but also strive to create something new that combines the tradition with the sense of the here and now.

The concept as well as the excellence in craftsmanship translate into a stunning collection of luxurious handbags, examined from a bold perspective. The designs in their architectural silhouettes are classic and at the same time with a distinctive fashion character but most importantly are created to maintain relevance and quality over time.

We offer free lifetime warranty covering any quality issues related to the materials, workmanship and the natural wear of your bag. With proper care you should be able to wear your Christinashiefer bag for a lifetime.

We are committed to ethical production, ensuring that all the people along the way are treated respectfully and fairly in a safe and healthy environment. Oriented towards conscious luxury we share sustainable values, advocating for higher ethical and environmental standards and working with suppliers that are certified as such.