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Beautiful Handbags: Tips for Making the Right Choice


handbag means more than just picking out a color you love with the right number of pockets. Gather a selection of beautiful handbags to wear, and match the tone of your outfit with the purse that has the perfect color, size and purpose.

For a Single Outfit
Sometimes a handbag is just perfect for your favorite outfit without hesitation. The colors, the patterns and the silhouette blend together effortlessly. You’ll know it when you see it.

For Wearing Every Day
Choose the right size purse. You have certain must-have items that you carry every day. An everyday handbag needs to hold your wallet, your phone, your keys, a hairbrush and other necessities. Look for dark, neutral or metallic colors that complement several items in your wardrobe.

For Your Body Shape
Use the rule of opposites if you plan to walk or stand a lot. A bulky handbag or large clutch is ideal for a tall and thin body type. A purse with a long strap and a boxy silhouette works well for a fuller figure and a shorter height.

For the Office
Match your handbag’s tone with your office attire and the corporate atmosphere. Is it relaxed, or is the mood crisp and formal? Be sure to select beautiful handbags that will fit comfortably in your desk drawer while you’re working.

For a Night Out With Friends
A night out with the girls calls for a trendy handbag. Choose carefully. Your friends will notice. Pair neutrals with neutrals, or look for patterns and colors that work well together. Take it one step further by blending bold styles with a simple handbag for the ultimate fashion statement.

For a Special Occasion
If you’re looking for a purse to take to a wedding, a graduation ceremony or a banquet, consider the time of day and what your outfit looks like. Is it formal or semi-formal attire? If you’ll need to be hands-free, carry a bag with a shoulder strap. If you’ll be sitting a lot or have an assigned table, consider a clutch or a small purse that won’t take up a lot of space.

For a Date
Carry a bag that shows off your true sense of style when you’re out with that special someone. Coordinate all of the colors in your ensemble. If you’re wearing your favorite little black dress, choose a stunning handbag that blends in or stands out in perfect balance.

For Work and For Play
Let your handbag make the transition with you. Choose chic elegance. Find closures, pockets and versatility that fit your plans, your colors and your lifestyle