9 Things Every Woman Should Carry in Her Handbag 


Over the decades, the inside of our handbags has changed as much as the outside. A modern woman of 2018 has much different needs than a woman who carried a handbag 50 years ago.

In 1968, a woman didn’t have to worry about losing a tablet or expensive key fob. Back then, a woman carried a dime in her handbag in case she needed to make a phone call. Today, a woman carries an entire phone.

Regardless of the year on the calendar, carrying everything you need in your handbag-- without causing permanent shoulder damage-- can be tricky. The key is to prioritize.

The big three, of course, are keys, phone and wallet. But here are some other essentials which will turn your Evve handbag into a stylish survival kit.

Portable Charger

We’ve all been in a restaurant or airport, frantically searching for an outlet to charge our phone. As the battery power number goes low, our blood pressure goes up.

Instead of depending on an outside power source, carry a portable charger in your handbag so your phone will never die.

The olola 07 comes with two built-in Lightning and USB cables so you can charge your iPhone or Android devices without carrying an additional cord. Available on Amazon for $29.99, it’s far cheaper than an emergency trip to the salon after you’ve pulled out your hair while looking for a place to plug in.

GPS Tracker

Losing your handbag, phone or your wallet can cause weeks of heartache as you call credit card companies, make trips to the DMV or try to recreate your contacts.

The track7 can be attached to your handbag, and/or everything in your handbag, so you’ll have an easier time recovering your belongings after you’ve foolishly left your handbag on the back of the chair at Starbucks…or was it in the fitting room at Macys?

Foldable Flats 

When it comes to sore feet, desperate times often call for desperate measures. However, walking along a city street barefoot, while carrying your stilettos should never be the solution. This practice is unsafe, unsanitary and downright disgusting. Your feet will turn blacker than your laptop.

Lightweight, foldable flats fit easily into your handbag and can be carried every day, not just when you go out dancing. Many companies make them but


Personal Alarm Keychain

Women have always had to worry about safety. Sadly, a woman walking alone to her car—or carriage, or horse, depending on the century—has always been a target.

The vigilant  alarm keychain emits a noise loud enough to alert help. There’s also a backup whistle in case the battery fails.

Travel Size Sunscreen

Sunscreen isn’t just for vacation. These days, we understand the importance of protecting our precious skin all year. A travel size sunscreen fits perfectly in any handbag and will prevent a blistering burn when we meet a friend for an impromptu, al fresco lunch.


Bamboo Folding Fan

Sweating is rarely attractive. While others melt around you, beat the heat the Queen Victoria way.

The folding fans available on esty range from handmade to mass-produced. Many of the designs are Asian-inspired while others are whimsical to downright gaudy. The smaller fans won’t take up much room in your handbag, but they’ll provide big relief from both internal and external heat blasts.


We tend not to think of tissues until we need one. But, when we need one, we really need one.

Be a hero to your sneezing or crying friend by magically producing a tissue from your handbag instead of from your sweater sleeve like Grandma used to do. The 

Tampon Case 

There are few things in life more embarrassing than dropping your handbag at a party or a meeting and watching a tampon roll across the floor.

 sprayco has a cute little, brightly colored case to keep you from ever accidentally pulling out a tampon in a restaurant or at the bank ever again.

Disposable Toothbrush

Mints are good, but brushing your teeth after a shrimp scampi lunch is even better, especially if you have spinach in your teeth.



What are your handbag essentials? Tell us in the comments!